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Radio Sonder Grense (RSG) is an Afrikaans-language radio service run by the South African Broadcasting Corporation for the whole of South Africa. The name of the station in English means Radio Without Borders and it broadcasts mostly on FM.
RSG was aired for the first time in 1937 as the SABC's "B" service, one year after the English "A" service was launched. This station was known as the "Afrikaanse Diens van die SAUK" (Afrikaans Service of the SABC). Then, in 1936 it became known as "Radio Suid-Afrika" and in the early 1990s it changed its name to "Afrikaans Stereo". After the 1996 SABC Radio restructure, RSG started using the slogan "Radio Sonder Grense" and the name of each one of the language services was cut off the station names.


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