Frequently Asked Questions

What does the message "Error: Try another radio" means?

This means we are having trouble to connect to the radio station that you have chosen. This occurs when:

  1. You don't have a good internet connection (Wifi or 3G);
  2. The radio station has a limited bandwidth;
  3. The radio station has limited the number of users that can listen to it;
  4. The radio station only plays in a specific country/region;
  5. We have a broken link (the radio station changed their live broadcast stream);

If you are constantly receiving the same messages, day after day, please inform us.

I leave the app and it continues to play. Why?

When leaving the app make sure you press the “Stop” button. If not, the app will continue to play on background.

I’m looking for a specific station. How can search for it?

If you’re looking for a specific station just type the name of the station on the search tab followed by the country (e.g. Jazz24 United States). When using the app on a computer, first select the country and then type the name of the station you are looking for. In case the station doesn’t show up, send us an email to – and let us know which station you’d like us to add.

My country is not right. How do I change it?

Go to "Preferences" -> "Default country".

My country doesn't appear in the list. Why?

We have more than 100 countries in the list, but probably we don't have enough radio stations in your country yet to add it to the list. If you type your country in the search tab, it will show you the radio stations available (Note: This doesn’t apply for the desktop app). We are constantly adding new radio stations and new countries to the list.

Where can I find my "Favorites"?

In order to delete stations from “Favorites”, just access this menu and tap the “X” on top of the station’s logo you wish to delete. You can also unfavorite stations when they are playing by pressing the star button.

What do the tops feature?

The tops feature the most sold music in your country, so you can always be up to date with the latest hits. We offer a 30s sample of the music for you to listen to inside myTuner. If you like it you can always follow the link to buy it. (Note: this feature is only available for iOS, OSX and Android)

How can I add stations, podcasts and song samples from the “Tops” menu to favorites?

To add stations simply tap the “star” button. If you wish to add a song sample to your favorites you’ll need tap on the chosen song (on the “Tops” menu) and then tap the “Home” menu. There, you’ll find a picture related to the song that is playing. Tap the star button on top of it and the song sample will be added to the “Favorites” folder. The same applies for podcasts. However, you can only add the podcast provider name (e.g. TED Radio Hour) and not a specific episode.

What are podcasts?

A podcast is a type of digital media consisting of an episodic series, of audio (in this case), which can be streamed to your device.

I forgot my myTuner Radio account password what can I do?

Just create a new account with a new password and email, this time make sure you memorize it. If not, you'll have to create a new account once more, because our system doesn’t feature password retrieval for now.

How can I set up my alarm or sleep timer?

If you’re using an iOS device first make sure you enable push notifications in order for the alarm to work. Then, you can activate the alarm by going to Preferences > Startup Settings > Alarm. If you’re using an Android device you only need to set the alarm on Preferences > Alarm Settings > Alarm. You can also set the sleep timer for iOS on Preferences > Startup Settings > Stop after. On Android first you have to select a station (play it) and only then go to Preferences > Startup Settings > Timer and select the amount of time you want it to play. Note: The alarm requires Internet connection in order to work.

Why the alarm is a buzzing sound rather than the radio I choose to listen to?

On iOS devices (iPhone, iPod and iPad) you’ll notice that you’ll receive a push notification/pop up window with a buzzing alarm sound. After you click on the push notification you'll be redirected to the app and the radio station you’ve selected will start playing. Apple doesn't allow any interference on their devices without the user’s permission. This is why you get redirected to the app, only after you’ve confirmed the push notification.

If I sign in with Facebook what can I share with my friends?

By signing in with Facebook myTuner allows you to tell your friends what station are you listening to and ask them if they also want to use the app and share this whole music experience with you.

How do I use Airplay/Bluetooth?

In order to use Bluetooth/Airplay just pair your device according to its settings. If there is a BT audio device connected myTuner will automatically stream to the BT device. For Airplay, you need to define in the operating system which device you want to use. When using the app on a Mac don’t forget to go to the gear wheel inside the app and select speakers.

Why does advertising appear even though I have the paid version?

After downloading myTuner Pro, you should not receive any popup requests about purchasing the app. Please check if you still have the Free Version of myTuner installed, the adds come from this version. You can solve the problem by uninstalling the Free Version. If the problem persists, please let us know.

Can I download myTuner for Mac, Android or Windows and then install the app on another iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod) or vice versa?

No. Mac is OSX; iPhones, iPads and iPods are iOS and Android and Windows are 4 different operating systems and therefore integration is not possible between them. However, if you wish to use myTuner on different devices, but they all have the same operating system (one of these - iOS, OSX, Android or Windows) it’s possible, as long as you use the same account to download it on all devices.