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Mytuner was born in 2011 and have more then 25 million historical downloads. Each user on average listens to 5 hours a month of Radio and so we redirect more then 80 millions radio sessions a month to our broadcasters.

myTuner is a directory of the best online radio stations and podcasts in more than 180 different countries. We make it easier for listeners to connect to a specific radio, but we also suggest radio stations and podcasts to users, based on the users listening behavior.

It works like your car audio system, since you can easily browse for different free and open radio stations that you know and like, or find new ones that have content that might interest you.

We do not stream content from the radio or change the audio signal. We just supply the right web links of a radio station’s stream to users and they can connect themselves directly to the station. Radio stations will have on their servers all the data related to each specific user, like any other web session on their open signal.

The directory is growing and changing every day based on user generated content, broadcasters’ contacts, as well as our own editorial reviewers that filter the content generated.

We are contacted by hundreds of radio stations on a daily basis, that want to create or improve their records in our directory. Once a radio has its access code they can edit their info themselves on our website in a self-service way, or they can just contact our team to help on the process.

Our algorithms allow us to understand what the listeners like, so we can propose relevant new content. It also allows us to understand what songs were listened, so we can build ranks of the most listened songs per genre and country. In fact, myTuner is probably the most accurate method of knowing which are the most popular songs rising to the top positions of the charts per country based on what people really listened on the radio.

We also make sure and invest heavily in making myTuner available in the broadest possible types of devices, in which a user might be interested in listening to the radio. That being said, myTuner can be found in:

- Smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android, Windows Phone);
- Desktop computers (via web browsers or native apps in macOS and Windows 10);
- Smart watches (Apple Watch and Android Wear);
- Smart TVs (Apple TV and Android TV);
- Connected cars;
- Some experimental new types of devices, like VR, Robots and Smart Appliances;

By being listed you will:

- Get worldwide exposure thanks to our audience. We have over 4 million active users a month that listen to 5 hours of radio on average;
- Generate higher ad revenue;
- Get vital statistics on listeners’ profile;

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