Domande frequenti (FAQ)

What does the message "Error: Try another radio" mean?

This means we are having trouble connecting to the radio station that you have chosen. This occurs when:

  1. 1. You don't have a good internet connection (Wifi or 3G);
  2. 2. The radio station has a limited bandwidth;
  3. 3. The radio station has limited the number of users that can listen to it;
  4. 4. The radio station only plays in a specific country/region;
  5. 5. We have a broken link (the radio station changed their live broadcast stream);

If you are constantly receiving the same messages, please inform us.

I leave the app and it continues to play. Why?

Before you leave the app, please make sure you press the “Pause” button. If not, the app will continue to play in the background.

I’m looking for a specific station. How can search for it?

If you are looking for a specific station, just type the name of the station on myTuner’s search tab (e.g. Jazz24).

As an alternative, you can also search for it by country, city, and/or genre.

How can I suggest a new station?

If you are sure that the station you are looking for isn’t on myTuner Radio already, you can send us an email to – help@mytuner.mobi and let us know which station you’d like us to add. You can also do this on myTuner’s iOS and Android app on Settings>About>Suggest a new radio.

How can I add a custom station on myTuner Radio just for me?

In case you wish to add a custom station on your device just for you, you need to go to Settings>Add new station (on iOS and Android).

My country is not right. How do I change it?

To change your default country on the app, just tap the flag that appears on the upper right side of the screen.

My country is not on the list. Why?

We currently have more than 200 countries/territories in the app. However, if your country doesn’t appear on the country’s list, this could mean there aren’t enough radio stations associated with that country yet.

Where can I find my "Favorites"?

On iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod) you can find your favorites under the “Home” tab and under your profile (flag/profile picture menu). However, your favorite songs are only available through your profile. On Android, all favorites are located in the “Home” menu.

How can I add something to "Favorites"?

To add something to favorites simply tap the “star” button. The star button can be found next to the play button and on the stations, podcasts and music/charts lists.

How can I delete something from "Favorites"?

There are three ways of deleting something from favorites:

  1. 1. For favorites on the “Home” menu you need to long-press (press and hold) your finger on the file you wish to delete (iOS and Android only).
  2. 2. On the flag/profile picture menu, tap the “Edit” button, then tap the red sign and select "Delete" (iOS only).
  3. 3. When playing something, in the player menu, press the star button next to the play button.

What does the “Charts” menu feature?

The “Charts” menu features the most played songs/artists on the radio, in the country that you have selected, so you can always be up to date with the latest hits. You can listen to a 30-second sample of each song, buy it if you wish (only available for iOS and web), or stream the songs with Apple Music service (iOS only).

What are podcasts?

Podcasts are a type of digital media, consisting of episodic series of audio (in this case), which can be streamed or downloaded.

I forgot my myTuner Radio account password, what can I do?

On the “Log in” menu there is a reset option. Just write your email and tap or click “Send code”. You will receive a code on your email. Then, go to the “change password” section, fill in your email, the code you received, and a new password, and select “change password”. That's it!

How can I set up my alarm?

If you’re using an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, and iPod) first make sure you enable push notifications for the alarm to work. Then, you can activate the alarm on myTuner by going to Settings >Clock Settings >Alarm. After selecting the alarm’s variables press “save” and the alarm is activated. On iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, and iPad) you’ll notice that you’ll receive a push notification/pop-up window with a buzzing alarm sound. After clicking on the push notification, you'll be redirected to the myTuner app and the radio station you’ve set for the alarm will start playing. Apple doesn't allow any interference on their devices without the user’s permission. This is why you get redirected to myTuner, only after you’ve confirmed the push notification.

If you’re using an Android device, you only need to set your myTuner alarm on Settings>Alarm Settings>Alarm. Tap the alarm’s checkbox and the alarm’s variables will become visible. Select the variables you wish for your alarm and the alarm is set! Note: The alarm requires an Internet connection to work.

How can I set up my sleep timer?

The sleep timer (on iOS) can also be found on Settings> Clock Settings>Sleep Timer.

Tap the option “Sleep Timer”, select the variables you wish, press start, and you’re done! To set up the sleep timer for Android, first you have to select a station (press play) and then go to Settings>Startup Settings>Sleep Timer. Tap the option “Sleep Timer” and select the amount of time you want it to play, press ok and you’re done! Note: The sleep timer requires an Internet connection to work.

How do I use Airplay/Bluetooth?

To use Bluetooth/Airplay just pair your device according to its settings. Make sure both devices you wish to pair have Bluetooth switched on. If there is a BT audio device connected, myTuner will automatically stream to the BT device. For Airplay (Apple devices only) you need to open the Control Center (swipe up from the bottom of the screen of your iOS device to access Control Center), select “Screen Mirroring” and the device you want to use for this. On a Mac, open the myTuner app and on the arrow-down menu (next to the “Login” button) select the output you want.

Why do I see advertising if I have chosen to “remove ads”?

After choosing to remove ads you should not receive any visual requests to purchase the app. However, if this happens on myTuner Radio’s free iOS version, go to Settings>General Settings and select “Restore Purchases”. When doing this, please make sure to use the same Apple account that you have used to download the free myTuner Radio app.

On myTuner Radio’s free Android version, please make sure you remove ads with the same account that you have used to download the free myTuner Radio app.

On OSX (Mac), please check if you still have the free version of myTuner Radio installed since the ads come from this version. You can solve the problem by uninstalling the free version. If the problem persists, please let us know.

Can I use the same store account to download myTuner on different devices?

Yes, you can, as long as you use the same store account to download myTuner Radio and if the different devices you wish to use have the same OS. E.g. This is possible on different iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod), Android devices, and Macs.

How can I sync myTuner Radio favorites on different devices?

To sync your favorites, first please make sure you log in on the myTuner Radio app before you add anything to your favorites. Then, just open myTuner on different devices, log in using the same account and your favorites will appear on different devices.

How do I use Chromecast with myTuner Radio?

First, please make sure your device supports Chromecast. Then, select the station you want to listen to, and on the main upper menu of myTuner Radio iOS or Android app (next to the flag/profile icon), select the Chromecast button and the device you wish to cast to.

I am a broadcaster. How can I register or edit my radio station on myTuner Radio?

You can register or edit your station on myTuner Radio anytime through here. To start, create an account on “Register now” and then you may start adding or editing your station(s). First, please make sure your radio station isn’t on myTuner already. To check this, log in and head to the broadcaster's back office (on the bottom of myTuner Radio’s website), click on Broadcaster>Find your Station and fill in your radio station’s name on the “Find your station” section, and press enter. The records retrieved will tell you if the station already exists or not on myTuner Radio. If it does, all you have to do is click on the “+” sign to let us know that this specific radio station belongs to your broadcaster group. Once the myTuner Radio support team validates this info, you may start editing your station(s). To edit your station(s) click here.

Why do some radio stations feature what's playing and others don’t?

Some stations include this information in their streaming link (metadata), while others don’t. It depends on the station. That's why some have the information about what is playing or has played, while others don't.

What is the difference between myTuner Radio Free version, its in-app purchase, and myTuner Pro?

The myTuner Free version features visual ads (pop-ups and interstitial ads) to support the app. These ads can be removed on the settings of the app by selecting “remove ads”* and you get an equalizer for free (on iOS and Android). On iOS, the in-app also features the car mode and the play at startup option (possibility to choose the station you want to hear when the app is launched) as a bonus. The myTuner Radio Pro is available for purchase. It doesn’t feature any visual ads and has the same bonus features as buying the “remove ads” option on the free version. The pro version and the in-app version are the same.

* This is called an in-app purchase. In-app purchases are purchases made from within a mobile application. Users typically make an in-app purchase to access special content or features in an app.

Why do I need Internet to listen to myTuner Radio?

myTuner radio requires Internet for 2 reasons. Firstly, most devices don’t have the built-in FM tuner that you need to listen to physical radio. Secondly, myTuner Radio and a regular physical radio work differently. Regular radio works using radio waves (short signal) and myTuner Radio app works using Internet waves (longer reach). This is why you can listen to stations from everywhere in the world with the myTuner Radio app. However, this also means you need an Internet connection for the app to work.

Why can’t I listen to myTuner Radio in background mode?

Please make sure you're not using a memory-saving app or a task-killer app in the background (sometimes the phone’s manufacturer adds these apps to save battery and they don't allow other apps to run in the background as well). Before you leave myTuner playing in the background, close all other apps that might be running in the background, or restart your device and repeat this process.