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About Us In the 90s Nightingale Estate sits at the top of Hackney Downs Park, discreetly tucked away behind the trees that line the perimeter of the park. You hardly notice it today or consider that it’s even there. But, prior to its demolition in the early noughties, the Nightingale estate was one of the larger and more notorious estates in East London, and if you went to Hackney Downs park back in those days you would’ve felt it. The 6 now demolished brutalist blocks that used to line the top of the street would’ve had a profound effect on the visual landscape when compared to today. The sheer amount of people from those blocks and surrounding low-income housing that would’ve frequented the park contributed to the community aesthetic of the time. It’s hard to imagine it if you weren’t around then, and compared to video, photos can only do so much. Although, on the estate, which had something about it… Pirate Radio The peak of Weekend Rush FM’s supremacy. Broadcasting from the high-rise tower blocks of the Nightingale Estate, in Hackney, East London. The Jungle music sound became a phenomenon that was widely followed by late-night revelers and ravers inner city, the suburbs, and up and down the UK. Weekend Rush FM reached the front page news and evening television because of the government and local authorities' bullish and somewhat unfair approach to pirate radio in London. Note this was at a time that followed the London recession 1990/1991 and the years that followed it the government was eager to raise more capital through taxation of radio licenses and also controlling what the radio played and promoted. It is fair to say that pirate radio stations didn’t toe the line and operated in a maverick fashion but they attracted thousands of listeners. Join us Send Us a Demo today

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