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This station goes back to the 50s. Enjoy this decade with the best hits...

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Slim Whitman - Slim Whitman Indian Love Call

Slim Whitman Indian Love Call

Slim Whitman 1627572790
Max Bygraves - Little Train

Little Train

Max Bygraves 1627572693
Dick James - Robin Hood (Remastered)

Robin Hood (Remastered)

Dick James 1627572560
Chuck Berry - You Can't Catch Me

You Can't Catch Me

Chuck Berry 1627572372
Frank Weir - Happy Wanderer

Happy Wanderer

Frank Weir 1627572100
Edmundo Ros - London Is The Place For Me

London Is The Place For Me

Edmundo Ros 1627571934
Apac - Consider It a Donation

Consider It a Donation

Apac 1627571899
Grady Chapman - Don't Blooper

Don't Blooper

Grady Chapman 1627571770
The Platters - Song For The Lonely

Song For The Lonely

The Platters 1627571630
The Poni-Tails - I'll Be Seeing You

I'll Be Seeing You

The Poni-Tails 1627571449

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We only play the 50s... No exceptions !

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