History of South Africa podcast - Desmond Latham

History of South Africa podcast

A series that seeks to tell the story of the South Africa in some depth. Presented by experienced broadcaster/podcaster Des Latham and updated weekly, the episodes will take a listener through the various epochs that have made up the story of South Africa.

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  • 49 
    - Episode 49 – The Khoe War of 1799, Gerrit Owies is speared in the back and the Boers face the Hottentot Corps
    Sun, 16 Jan 2022
  • 48 
    - Episode 48 – Petrus Pienaar shot dead on his Hantam farm in 1797 and the Afrikaaner rebellion goes into top gear
    Sun, 09 Jan 2022
  • 47 
    - Episode 47 – Tales of the Hantam including the bandit van Zijl family and the indefatigable trekboer Elsie Visagie
    Sun, 02 Jan 2022
  • 46 
    - Episode 46 – We meet the Afrikaaner Oorlams of Namaqualand and Griqua founder Adam Kok the First
    Sun, 26 Dec 2021
  • 45 
    - Episode 45 – The ancient people of the Orange River islands, the Namaqualand Korana and the “Bastaards”
    Sun, 19 Dec 2021
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