The Rapport Advantage by Alex Swire-Clark, Human Behavior Expert

The Rapport Advantage

This podcast helps you harness emotional intelligence to improve your personal and professional relationships!! Want to improve the way you communicate and build better relationships in your organization and beyond? How about closing more sales or reducing workplace conflict? Retaining top talent or being a more effective coach sound like a plan? We've got you covered. OR Do you want to reduce conflict in your personal life? Want to improve your relationship with a parent or your partner? This podcast is for you!! The Rapport Advantage Podcast is an entertaining exploration of the DISC model of human behavior. I provide practical applications for using DISC in the workplace in the areas of leadership, sales, and hiring. We also provide tools to improve your personal relationships helping you and your partner build a stronger connection and communicate much more effectively. From understanding why you may fight about money issues, to why you parent differently, this podcast will help you take your relationship to the next level!

Category: Business
  • 102 
    - Five Secrets to Successful Hiring and Retention Part 5
    Wed, 09 Feb 2022
  • 101 
    - Five Secrets to Successful Hiring and Retention Part 4
    Thu, 03 Feb 2022
  • 100 
    - Five Secrets to Successful Hiring Part 3
    Wed, 26 Jan 2022
  • 99 
    - Last Minute Gift Ideas by Personality Style
    Tue, 21 Dec 2021
  • 98 
    - Five Secrets to Successful Hiring and Retention Part 2
    Wed, 08 Dec 2021
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