The Fina Mendoza Mysteries by Kitty Felde

The Fina Mendoza Mysteries

It's "The West Wing" meets "Nancy Drew" - a podcast for little girls and political junkies. Legend says whoever sees the Demon Cat of Capitol Hill is cursed. Fina Mendoza, the 10-year old daughter of a congressman, just saw it. Can she save her family from “cat”astrophe? These are the Fina Mendoza Mysteries.

Category: Kids & Family
  • 27 
    - Losing is Democratic Part Two Bonus Episode
    Tue, 04 Jan 2022
  • 26 
    - Losing is Democratic Part One Bonus Episode
    Mon, 03 Jan 2022
  • 25 
    - A Bonus Holiday Episode
    Fri, 17 Dec 2021
  • 24 
    - Happy Thanksgiving from the Mendoza Family
    Mon, 22 Nov 2021
  • 23 
    - Dia de los Muertos - Day of the Dead
    Sat, 16 Oct 2021
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