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Welcome to the #MFLtwitterati podcast, a podcast designed to celebrate the voices of the modern language teaching community in the UK, Ireland and beyond by showcasing the amazing ideas and resources they share on Twitter with your hosts Joe Dale and Noah Geisel

Category: Education
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    - #EP 10 - Mandarin Excellence Programme, Certifyem, Charlala, Chinese New Year and TechTalk Interview with Suzi Bewell
    Wed, 13 Nov 2019
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    - #EP 9 - International Collaboration, Google Tour Creator, eTwinning and TechTalk Interview with Florentina Popescu and Marina Pozo
    Wed, 25 Sep 2019
  • - #EP 8 - Digital Planners, World Language Teacher Summit, Escape Rooms and TechTalk Interview with Graham Stanley
    Sat, 24 Aug 2019
  • - #EP 7 - Wheelofnames, Skittles, ConnectLingo, Music, Songs, Phonics and TechTalk interview with Paco Fernández
    Sun, 21 Jul 2019
  • - #EP 6 - Feeling the love, BBC SuperMovers, Football/Soccer and TechTalk interview with Vincent Everett
    Wed, 26 Jun 2019
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