Grace Watcher Report by Apostle Paul E. Jones

Grace Watcher Report

God has a name, God has a plan, God has a people. God’s name is Jesus Christ, God’s plan is His Kingdom in You, God’s people are revealed in the 12 Tribes of Israel. You wake up one day and find out you have been deceived and lied to. Your whole world and mindset have been shattered. This is when it is imperative that you seek, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Let us study ancient history, the scriptures, and using the power of prayer. We will take a journey that will take us beyond time and space. You will see God, yourselves, and others in such a new way. It will take you into who you are, and why you are here.

Radio: Grace Watcher Network
Category: Education
  • 72 
    - Praise Time with Paul E Jones - Singing Gospel Songs and Hymns
    Thu, 15 Apr 2021
  • 71 
    - Sunday Celebration - The Logos and the Gnosis
    Sun, 11 Apr 2021
  • 70 
    - The Perfect Father
    Sat, 10 Apr 2021
  • 69 
    - Friday Night Praise and Worship Jam- The Holiness of God
    Sat, 10 Apr 2021
  • 66 
    - 50 Years of Being in the Ministry - Songs, Testimony, and the Future
    Sat, 03 Apr 2021
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