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Ex Machina

For better or worse, the technology India has been building over the past decade has had and will continue to have tremendous national significance. It’s hard to connect the dots and appreciate the real impact of these technologies on society. Ex Machina places these technologies in context, telling the story about how they were made and explaining exactly why they are significant. Ex Machina is hosted by Rahul Matthan, and is produced by Vaaka Media.

Category: Society & Culture
  • - A Delicious Irony
    Mon, 11 May 2020
  • - Platforms for Society
    Mon, 27 Apr 2020
  • - The Sharing Solution
    Tue, 14 Apr 2020
  • - The Incurable Disease
    Mon, 30 Mar 2020
  • - Data Privacy with Justice Srikrishna
    Wed, 29 Jan 2020
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