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Connectivitea Podcast

Welcome to the Connectivitea Podcast where we help you feel more connected to yourself and the world around you. Bi-weekly, host Rebecca Nanjego brings you tips on how to create meaning in your life, inspirational stories, actionable strategies for greater love, growth and fulfilment. Rebecca shares tangible tips and hacks that led her to a life filled with meaning. Along with sharing her best-kept secrets, she interviews "woke" guests in a deep way that will ensure you see yourself through their stories. From how to overcome fear, failure and disappointment to business, health, creativity and success. If it leads to meaningful connections, we cover it. Get inspired, feel connected and get one step closer to your best self. What do you say? Are you in? Because we believe that safety is the presence of Connection.

Category: Society & Culture
  • 25 
    - The Meaning Of Friendship
    Thu, 01 Apr 2021
  • 24 
    - My Journey to Mrs. with Judithiana Namazzi Ndugwa
    Thu, 18 Mar 2021
  • 23 
    - On Turning 29 and Regret
    Thu, 11 Mar 2021
  • 22 
    - Managing Self Doubt as a Woman In Business with Sharon Atim Kinyera
    Wed, 03 Mar 2021
  • 21 
    - One Year After Quitting My Job.
    Mon, 22 Feb 2021
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