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Africa on Focus

Africa on focus is an African platform dedicated to sharing and celebrating the success stories of young black Africans from the continent and the Diaspora world. These young entrepreneurs aim to reshape the stigma attached to how Africa is viewed in terms of lifestyle, business, entertainment, charity, sports and more.

Category: Business
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    - Ato Kwamina – How to find your ‘voice’ #Ghanamedia
    Thu, 28 Jul 2022
  • 31 
    - Palgrave Boakye Danquah – Responsible for Ghana’s economic development #Elevy
    Thu, 21 Jul 2022
  • 30 
    - Trigmatic – Creating Cultural Capital in the African Music Business #Ghanamusic
    Wed, 01 Jun 2022
  • 29 
    - Terry Afram - What it Means to Invest in Ghana #TheGhanaianDream
    Wed, 18 May 2022
  • 28 
    - Carla Kabamba – Driving Change in Amsterdam #Blackvoices
    Wed, 04 May 2022
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