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947 Breakfast Club

The 947 Breakfast Club, the best way to wake up! Anele, Frankie, Thembekile, Alex, and Cindy driving the city to work! They’re full of laughs, loud and impossible not to love. In fact, you’re going to be obsessed with them.

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They’re the 947 Breakfast Club, and you’re more than welcome to join the club every Monday to Friday from 06:00 to 09:00. Every morning Anele, Frankie, Thembekile, Alex, and Cindy will give Joburg a wakeup call and a massive dose of madness that will make sure you have one insane start to the day.

Radio: 947
Category: Comedy
  • 1308 
    - Thembekile clinches second spot in the #PopQuiz challenge! #947BreakfastClub
    Fri, 05 Jun 2020
  • 1307 
    - Chronicles of the Mask😷 #947BreakfastClub @947BClub @Anele @FrankieFire @ThembiMrototo @AlexCaige @CindyPoluta
    Thu, 04 Jun 2020
  • 1306 
    - #WhatsYourStatus: Thursday 4 June 2020 - Michelle from Douglasdale shares a SPAR and Papachino's with Anele🍷 #947BreakfastClub @947BClub @Anele @FrankieFire @ThembiMrototo @AlexCaige @CindyPoluta
    Thu, 04 Jun 2020
  • 1305 
    - When you open a bottle of tomato sauce, should it go in the fridge or cupboard? #947BreakfastClub @947BClub @Anele @FrankieFire @ThembiMrototo @AlexCaige @CindyPoluta
    Thu, 04 Jun 2020
  • 1304 
    - #ClassicOrNot: "Cindy are you custard because I'm Ultramal about you!"😅 #947BreakfastClub @947BClub @Anele @FrankieFire @ThembiMrototo @AlexCaige @CindyPoluta
    Thu, 04 Jun 2020
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