Alexa and Sonos play myTuner Radio!

myTuner Radio is always making an effort to be available on more and more platforms. That being said, we couldn’t ignore the fact that Alexa and Sonos were the next big step we had to take to be available to even more people. So, myTuner Radio team made this possible and now you can enjoy myTuner Radio, not only on your mobile devices (iOS, Android and Windows Phone), desktop devices (Web, Windows and Mac), wearables (Apple Watch and Google Wearables), TV sets and set-top boxes and connected cars, but now also on Alexa and Sonos (beta version).

Using myTuner Radio on Alexa is uber-simple. You can ask myTuner Radio to play a station of your choice and Alexa will start playing it for you (e.g. Step 1 - “Alexa open myTuner Radio” Step 2 - “Play BBC radio one”). Looking for a recommendation? With myTuner Radio opened already on Alexa you can play the most popular stations from 200 countries or territories (e.g. “What are the most popular stations in the United States?”.) You can also tell myTuner Radio to play your preferred genre (e.g. “Play the best jazz radio stations”).

On Sonos, you only have to run the Sonos app, add the music service myTuner Radio and start enjoying your favorite stations and podcasts directly from myTuner Radio into your Sonos wireless speakers, wherever you are.
myTuner Radio features the best radio listening experience and the best way to discover new hits or remember old ones you didn’t listen to in a while, on your favorite radio stations.

Remember that, above all, myTuner Radio is a multi-platform solution that allows you to listen to 50,000 radio stations from more than 200 countries / territories. The iOS and Android versions of myTuner Radio are available for Free and you can download them at any time.

myTuner radio on Alexa
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Mar 29, 2018
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