The Saddest Monday of the Year - Blue Monday

Every Monday is a difficult one for most of the people, but apparently, the third Monday of January is the most depressing Monday of the Year, aka the saddest day of the year, aka Blue Monday.

The Blue Monday concept was created by Dr. Cliff Arnall back in 2005. According to Dr. Arnall, there’s a group of variables that contribute to the sadness you may feel around this day, like the weather conditions, debt, the end of Christmas, New Year’s resolutions which hadn’t been accomplished, low motivation, and others.

So if you’re feeling down, know that you’re not alone on this Blue Monday.

And guess what? You have a whole new year to look forward to and be positive about. It’s time to cheer you up, and we think that good music can help you lift your mood.

Here are some cool suggestions:

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Jan 10, 2018
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