Live Radio Streaming is the Future

Last update on June 1, 2016.

Live Radio Streaming is the Future

And it’s All Happening Now on myTuner Radio!

In the digital age live radio streaming is said to be the future of the radio. Not only do we believe in this, but also do our 20 million users from all over the world and counting… myTuner Radio’s website is a proof of this, being a portal for live radio streaming for our users on a daily basis.

myTuner Radio is a great way for live radio streaming because it now brings you live radio streaming from more than 30 000 stations on a worldwide level, for you to listen trough our website! Plus, it allows you to filter by country, city and genre, so you can look for your favorite stations from all over the globe! It’s amazing how live radio streaming has become a mean of communication between different cultures allowing us to learn, discover different cultures and at the same time stay in touch with “home” while you’re abroad.

The myTuner Radio portal is also focused on what’s familiar to you, and that’s why it also features live radio streaming near you, so you can find your favorite local radio stations. In case the one you were looking for is not there, you can always use the search tab to look for it. But wait, there’s more to it! myTuner Radio’s website offers you 1 million podcasts that you can filter by country and genre; news about the music industry; charts with the hottest hits out there from the past and present and plenty of suggestions of live radio streaming apps for you to discover!

You can also download the myTuner Radio app on the myTuner’s website. The app allows you to listen to live radio streaming on all OS - iOS (Apple TV inclusive), Mac, Android, Windows Desktop and Windows Phone.  This means you can enjoy live radio streaming on the go or on the spot, while working, or relaxing, since you can listen to the app on the background of your device or desktop, or just use it through the myTuner Radio’s website on your browser.

Live Radio streaming is the future because the end of AM/FM barriers can mean that expats or travellers can continue to listen to their favorite stations from home. Like the song says, “it’s a small world after all” and the audience is now more than ever on a global scale. Live radio streaming with myTuner Radio, not only can bring you a bigger audience, but it can also make you stand out of the crowd, as you increase interactions with the public. The best live radio streaming is on myTuner Radio, so make the most out of it, as a listener or broadcaster!

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