Do you Podcast?

Last update on May 21, 2016.

Do you Podcast?

Your must listen Podcasts Playlist for 2016 is on myTuner Radio

Apple added podcasts to iTunes on 2005. Ten years have passed since this date and podcasts haven’t lost their wit. Instead, they’re popularity seems to be growing each year. According to the Pew Research Center awareness of Podcasts has more than doubled in the US since 2008.  Again in the US alone the percentage listening in 2015 was up two points over 2014 levels (15%).

On myTuner’s website the Top 5 most popular podcasts are: Serial, Stuff You Should Know, TED Radio Hour, This American Life and Ted Talks. Our 15 million users from all over the world can enjoy these 5 popular podcasts on any OS, from iOS to Android and Windows. Podcasts are also available on the Apple TV with the apps “myTuner Radio” and “Podcasts by myTuner”.  You basically can listen to any popular podcast everywhere you are on our apps or our website.

Podcasts by myTuner for Apple TV features a total of 3 million episodes from 100 different countries and allows you to filter popular podcasts by audio, video and by genre. The genres are curated into 16 different categories like arts, comedy, education and many more.

On myTuner’s website you have access to the Top 50 most popular podcasts of 100 countries and you can also search the most popular ones by genre just like it happens on the apps. The myTuner Radio app (available for all OS) offers you 30,000 radio stations and more than 1 million podcasts raked per country.

In the US and Australia “Serial” continues to lead the chart of the most popular podcasts. In the UK the BBC’s podcast “The Reith Lectures” is the most popular one. About the number 2 on the list opinions differ. In the US it’s “Jay Sekulow Live”; In the UK the “Reith Lectures” and on Australia it’s “Stuff to Blow Your Mind”. Stuff you Should Know and This American Life are on the top 10, of the most popular podcasts on the three countries. On Australia Stuff you Should Know occupies the third place on the tops, while in the US it goes down to the fifth position. Curiously, This American Life occupies the same position on both the US and Australia’s popular podcasts chart, which is the sixth place.

Video may have killed the radio star, but podcasts are doing the opposite. This niche market doesn’t kill competition of other mediums, on the contrary popular podcasts can be a lever to increase other mediums’ audiences and bring new ideas to the table. For example “This American Life” inspired the television show of the same name on the US. Moreover, half a dozen stories from the podcast are being developed into films. On the other hand, there are radio shows like “Jay Sekulow Live”, “NPR’s Fresh Air” and “Radiolab”, among others, which are available on podcast.

This is why myTuner family is proud to bring innovation to the world. Podcasts by myTuner was the first Podcast app on the Apple TV and myTuner Radio is a popular app that brings, not only popular podcasts, but also amazing radio stations from every genre to every niche.

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