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Kyle Deutsch, Aewon Wolf & Sketchy Bongo - Can't Get Enough

Can't Get Enough

Kyle Deutsch, Aewon Wolf & Sketchy Bongo 1660199019
Zev Weinstein - Lazy Day - 30 Sec v1

Lazy Day - 30 Sec v1

Zev Weinstein 1660198919
Caosbrutal - Cierra los ojos

Cierra los ojos

Caosbrutal 1660198689
Nicky Youre - Sunroof


Nicky Youre 1660198449


RAYBEKAH 1660197979
Riton - Ginger


Riton 1660197929
Graham Lake - Run em Down (feat. Avelino)

Run em Down (feat. Avelino)

Graham Lake 1660197379
Neon Dreams - Little Dance

Little Dance

Neon Dreams 1660197068
Zev Weinstein - Lazy Day - 30 Sec v1

Lazy Day - 30 Sec v1

Zev Weinstein 1660197038
Damon Hall - That Way

That Way

Damon Hall 1660196908

Tentang 5FM

5FM is a South African radio station broadcasting from Johannesburg nationwide via repeaters. It belongs to the public broadcaster South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC).

It has a Top 40 radio format, targeting a younger audience through the selection and broadcast of the latest hits, courtesy of a team of well-known DJs, such as DJ Ryan and Roger Good. It's line-up also stands out for its entertainment quality thanks to the good vibes and humour of its presenters. Throughout its programming, presenters also offer the latest news reports during the music breaks.

5FM offers the possibility to listen live to its broadcast through the live streaming feature on its website. Also online, listeners can enjoy this radio's podcasts, catch up with the latest programmes and discover the playlist with the songs played on the radio. 

Most popular shows and presenters

  • The Roger Goode Show with Roger Goode
  • 5FM Top 40 with Msizi James
  • 5Drive with Nick Hamman
  • The Forbes and Fix Show
  • Live at night with Smash Afrika

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Situs Web: www.5fm.co.za/sabc/home/5fm

Alamat: 5FM SABC Radio Park Reception Henley Road Auckland Park Johannesburg, South Africa

Telepon: 089 11 00 505

Email: contactcentre@sabc.co.za

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