The Best Romantic Stations around the World

Last update on 15 Sep. 2017.

The Best Romantic Stations around the World

With the chaotic lives we live, sometimes it’s hard to give the attention our loved ones deserve.

Our daily routine is basically: woke up, eat, go to work, come back home, eat, go to sleep and repeat.

But on the weekends or on our days off, it’s important to dedicate some of our time showing our special ones how much we love them.

So why don’t you take your next day off for a romantic gesture?

We'll help you to set up the best romantic soundtrack, with these amazing Romantic radio stations around the world:

XHSH Amor 95.3 FM

Yes FM Metro Manila

Radio Motel

Hungama - Bolly Romantic Hits

Slow Turk

Lugna Favoriter

WPAT 93.1 Amor FM

Bésame FM

Love 97.2 FM

Joy Turk FM

For more romantic radio stations click here.

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