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The best analysis of the Irish political scene featuring Irish Times journalists, political thinkers and the occasional politician. Hosted by Arts & Culture Editor Hugh Linehan.

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Categoria: Notizie e Politica
  • 1560 
    - Can Labour ever be relevant again? Ivana Bacik says yes
    Wed, 01 Feb 2023
  • 1559 
    - Expense allowances, threats to politicians, home truths
    Fri, 27 Jan 2023
  • 1558 
    - Why 2024 will be a major year in Irish politics
    Wed, 25 Jan 2023
  • 1557 
    - Postergate: How much bother is Paschal Donohoe in?
    Fri, 20 Jan 2023
  • 1556 
    - Peadar Tóibín on Aontú, Sinn Féin, immigration and ambition
    Wed, 18 Jan 2023
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