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Genre: 60-an, 70-an, 80-an

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Quinteto Ternura - Leão de Bronze

Leão de Bronze

Quinteto Ternura 1621216144
永井ルイ - Jazz Organ Fusion

Jazz Organ Fusion

永井ルイ 1621215319
Alexpaul - Jazz Funk Band

Jazz Funk Band

Alexpaul 1621215039
Five Alarm Funk - Power of Funk

Power of Funk

Five Alarm Funk 1621214855
Neşe Karaböcek - Yali Yali / Çayelinden Öteye

Yali Yali / Çayelinden Öteye

Neşe Karaböcek 1621214692
Bernard Estardy - Road No. 9

Road No. 9

Bernard Estardy 1621214508
The Headliners - Use Me Up

Use Me Up

The Headliners 1621213728
Mladen Franko & The Norman Candler Strings - Call from the Past

Call from the Past

Mladen Franko & The Norman Candler Strings 1621213398
People - Sholongo


People 1621213228
Archie Whitewater - Seacoast


Archie Whitewater 1621212618

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Vintage Obscura is a reddit community of digital crate diggers, who post tracks which are: 1) At least 25 years old. 2) Have fewer than 30,000 views on YouTube. 3) Are obscure.

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