Live Radio Streaming on the Rise with myTuner Radio

Last update on 25 Juli 2016.

Live Radio Streaming on the Rise with myTuner Radio

Streaming is a big thing these days and everyone wants it from TV, to music and radio. myTuner Radio offers live radio streaming of 30,000 stations from all over the globe and 1 million podcasts to its 20 million users and counting. You can have access to myTuner Radio’s live radio streaming on myTuner’s website or on myTuner’s app available for all operative systems iOS (Apple TV inclusive), Mac, Android, Windows Desktop and Windows Phone.

The myTuner app and website allow you to listen to the live radio streaming of many online radio stations, located on different places of the world. In order to find your favorite online radio stations you only need to apply filters, by selecting the country, genre and city you’d like, or you can use the general search tab and simply type the name of your favorite online radio.

The best thing about myTuner Radio’s live radio streaming is that you can use myTuner when commuting, working, at the beach, on your car and literally everywhere you go, as long as you have an Internet connection and a compatible device, you can listen to live online radio with myTuner everywhere. Plus, the app works in the background, which means you can listen to live radio streaming while doing other things. The barriers imposed by AM/FM are long gone and you can now enjoy your favorite online radio stations abroad and even do other things when listening to live radio streaming.

Live radio streaming is a great way to break barriers and get to know different cultures and their perspectives and preferences about music and news. The analysis of the users’ behavior when listening to live radio streaming, results in the Tops, which feature the users’ preferences, according to how many times a song has been heard by listeners through live radio streaming.

myTuner Radio’s users listen to an average of more than 5 hours of live radio streaming a month and they have more than 180 different countries to choose from. Plus, we add new live radio streaming links of online radio stations every day on our website, based on broadcasters’ suggestions.

If you want to know what’s playing on the radio or which artists are the most popular on each country right now, just open myTuner Radio and you’ll be surprised by the amount of live radio streaming options, tops and podcasts there are for you to listen.

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