How Beautiful Florence Welch

Last update on 22 April 2015.

How Beautiful Florence Welch

“How Big How Blue How Beautiful” is the name of the new album from Florence and Machine that is set to be released on 1st of June and is already available to pre-order.

This is the third studio album by the English indie rock band that follows “Ceremonials” from 2011.

Florence Welch, the lead vocalist of the band, is pretty excited about this new work and with all of the excitement she broke her foot while jumping at a performance during the first weekend of the festival Coachella.

So during the second weekend of the festival the English singer needed to stay steill so she invited Joshua Tillman to her show and they performed together a cover from the single “Love Hurts” from The Everly Brothers. And this was the result:

While you wait for her new album’s release you may want to check out the video from the singles “What Kind Of Man”, “St. Jude” and “Ship To Wreck”.

We have great expectations for this album. The last one reached number one on the UK Albums Chart and number six on the US Billboard 200.

While you wait you also can enjoy good music with myTuner Radio 😀

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