Pretoria FM

Pretoria FM

Hoop, glo en lééf in Afrikaans

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Gotthilf Fischer - Dichter und Bauer

Dichter und Bauer

Gotthilf Fischer 1642358628
Carl Davis & Philharmonia Orchestra - La Traviata: Preludio

La Traviata: Preludio

Carl Davis & Philharmonia Orchestra 1642358348
Birdsong - Light Cavalry Overture

Light Cavalry Overture

Birdsong 1642357898
Il Divo - Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

Il Divo 1642357457
Il Divo - Hallelujah (Aleluya)

Hallelujah (Aleluya)

Il Divo 1642357239
Il Divo - Unchained Melody (Senza Catene)

Unchained Melody (Senza Catene)

Il Divo 1642356989
Il Divo - Can't Help Falling in Love

Can't Help Falling in Love

Il Divo 1642356719
Honeymoon Cowboys - Sea Without Mercy

Sea Without Mercy

Honeymoon Cowboys 1642352405
Evert van Niekerk - Gebed


Evert van Niekerk 1642352215
Anton & Pieter Delen - Neem Heer Mijn Beide Handen

Neem Heer Mijn Beide Handen

Anton & Pieter Delen 1642351404

Om Pretoria FM

Pretoria FM is a community radio station broadcasting from Pretoria to the Afrikaans speaking community in South Africa. Its programming can also be enjoyed internationally by accessing the live streaming feature on its website or the podcasts of its main shows.

Its line-up is comprised of 70% music, with programmes showcasing the greatest hits of today and of the past, and 30% talk, with news reports and programmes covering a wide variety of topics such as economy, the markets, sports, culture and religion, among others.

Main presenters

  • Sarina Frauenstein
  • MD Greyling
  • Elsje van Jaarsveld
  • Willem Smit
  • James Kemp

Brugernes Vurdering:



Internet Side:

Adresse: 416 Kirkness St, Arcadia, Pretoria 0007, South Africa

Telefon: +27 012 543 0120


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