CBO-FM CBC Radio One Ottawa

CBO-FM CBC Radio One Ottawa

Totally Ottawa

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Cretin - Stim Fit

Stim Fit

Cretin 1653557221
C-AMMO - Fix the Hood

Fix the Hood

C-AMMO 1653554860
Ross Taggart Garren - Pian-o-Matic


Ross Taggart Garren 1653553559
Edwina Travis-Chin - Smoke 'N' Blues

Smoke 'N' Blues

Edwina Travis-Chin 1653552689
St Germain - Soul Salsa Soul (Descarga Mix)

Soul Salsa Soul (Descarga Mix)

St Germain 1653551878
Peter Bonello - Tag Along

Tag Along

Peter Bonello 1653551596
Julian Gallant - The Grand Ball

The Grand Ball

Julian Gallant 1653550125
Alex Arcoleo - Find Love

Find Love

Alex Arcoleo 1653549435
Christopher Lewis - Split Decisions

Split Decisions

Christopher Lewis 1653549064
GeeJay - Flowers


GeeJay 1653546613

CBO-FM CBC Radio One Ottawa Hakkında

CBO-FM is a Canadian radio station based in Ottawa, Ontario. The station is most known by CBC Radio One, airs at 91.5 FM and broadcasts through much of Eastern Ontario. CBO-FM transmitter is located in Camp Fortune, Quebec, while its studios are located in the CBC Ottawa Broadcast Centre on Sparks Street.
The station's first call sign was CKCH and it was launched on February 27, 1924 as a Canadian National Railway radio network station. In 1933 the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission took over the station and its call sign changed to CRCO. In 1937 the call sign changed again to CBO when CBC became the owner of the station.

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Websitesi: www.cbc.ca/ottawa/

Adres: P.O. Box 3000 Halifax, NS B3J 3E9

Telefon: +(902) 420-8311

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