Radio Miraloop

Radio Miraloop

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Elektronix - Computer Technology (Original Version)

Computer Technology (Original Version)

Elektronix 1685184147
Elektronix - Marble Madness

Marble Madness

Elektronix 1685184057
Elektronix - Ping Pong

Ping Pong

Elektronix 1685183847
Junio - No More Games

No More Games

Junio 1685183656
Luzee - Suspicious Skit

Suspicious Skit

Luzee 1685183563
Claudio Chiara - Cineclub


Claudio Chiara 1685183330
Elektronix - Kid Elektrix

Kid Elektrix

Elektronix 1685183097
Click - Mystics Plastics

Mystics Plastics

Click 1685182928
DJ Lopo - Bossarama


DJ Lopo 1685182624
Click - Micro


Click 1685182339

Om Radio Miraloop

Radio Miraloop is an original and eclectic radio station. Thanks to the connection with Miraloop Records, record company made of four independent record labels, Radio Miraloop propose an original 24/7 radio stream with many Radio Shows and Daily Programs, each one dedicated to a specific music genre and atmosphere. The music comes from Miraloop Records' music catalogue. Radio Miraloop is the first radio station that produces the music it plays. Enjoy!

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Adress: via Stalingrado, 105/B - Bologna 40128

Telefon: +39 051 0935940


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