Kesha Wrote and Recorded 22 New Songs

Senast uppdaterad den 27 oktober 2016.

Kesha Wrote and Recorded 22 New Songs

Image: @KeshaRose Twitter Account 

Kesha is being busy on the backstage creating new songs that express the breadth of her experience as a woman.

Kesha claimed that when working with Dr. Luke he always insisted that her songs pictured her  exclusively as a party girl and never letting her expressing her true feelings.

“Rosé”, “Learn to Let It Go” and “Hunt You Down” are 3 of the 22 songs Kesha wrote and personally recorded. But sadly they are still in private and there’s no expected release date.

The artist hopes that this new work can truly show who she really is as person.

In the meantime, Kesha is touring to keep contact with her fans.

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