Jazz Radio Stations country by country

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Jazz Radio Stations country by country

Jazz it up a Little with myTuner Radio!

Like Nina Simone said, “jazz is not just music, it’s a way of life, a way of being, a way of thinking.” In addition, intellectuals around the world have defined jazz as “one of America’s original art forms” and as it spread around the world it depicted different national, regional and local music cultures which gave rise to many distinctive styles.

On myTuner Radio’s website, on myTuner Radio’s app, or on myTuner’s Jazz app you can find this wide variety on different jazz radio stations from all over the world. myTuner features more than 300 jazz radio stations that you can take with you everywhere you go, or listen on your computer while working.

We took a peak at myTuner Radio’s website in order to find out which jazz radio stations are our listeners’ favorite. The US station Jazz 24 is our listeners’ favorite occupying the number one spot on the jazz radio stations chart. The French station Jazz Radio comes out in second and Jazzheart Radio from South Korea is in third place. If we analyze the number of hours that jazz radio stations were played so far during this year, the US was the country that played jazz radio stations the most followed by France, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Russia. Apart from jazz radio stations, myTuner Jazz Pro app also gives you access to more than 50 elegant jazz songs for you to listen (with no internet connection needed) and allows you to record programs and music of your favorite jazz radio stations. This iOS and Mac app also allows you to check the top selling jazz songs in 120 countries, listen to a preview and buy the song in case you like it. Jazz radio stations can be listened on the background of your device or computer, so that you can use your time more efficiently.

 When you check jazz radio stations by country you’ll notice that in the US Jazz 24 from Seattle is the most popular station; In Canada it’s CJRT Jazz FM 91 from Toronto; In Spain it’s RNE Radio 3 from Madrid; In France it’s Jazz Radio from Marseille; In Italy it’s Radio Popolare Roma and in Germany it’s JazzRadio from Berlin. It seems like every country has a favorite jazz radio station and even if you’re not a huge jazz fan, if you select this genre on our website or on myTuner Radio’s app, you’ll get to know more about the jazz universe and perhaps even start enjoying the many jazz radio stations, one at a time!

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