The 10 Best Brazilian Radio Stations

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The 10 Best Brazilian Radio Stations

By the end of this month, the Western Christian countries celebrate what is called Carnival. 

Carnival is a Christian holiday in which people usually wear masks and costumes and go out to celebrate. The Carnival celebrations typically involve parades and street parties that could resemble the circus.

One of the biggest Carnival celebrations takes place in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro’s carnival is considered the largest in the World, counting with the participation of more than 2 million people per day.

People travel from every corner of the World to celebrate this holiday with the Brazilian people.

The weather, the music, the party spirit of Brazilian people make the Brazilian carnival the hottest party ever.

And since music is a big part of this celebration, we’ve decided to compile the 10 most popular Brazilian radio stations here on myTuner Radio just for you.

Tune in into one of this stations and we promise that you’ll feel the Carnival spirit wherever you are:

Antena 1 FM

Globo 1220 AM RJ

Metropolitana 98.5 FM

Jovem Pan AM

Coca-Cola FM

Jovem Pan FM São Paulo

Alpha FM

Band News FM - 96.9 SP


FM O Dia

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