NPR Radio Shows

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NPR Radio Shows

Is not always the music that takes us to listen to a certain radio station.

Many radio stations became popular for their radio shows/programs. There are even some programs that became more popular than the radio station itself.

You probably have that radio show that you always turn on the radio to listen to, don't you?

When we analyzed Nielsen data about the favorite radio shows in the US, we noticed that NPR shows were some of the most popular ones.


All Things Considered is NPR most popular news show, it was also the first news program on the station premiering in 1971. You can listen to this show every weekday on NPR from 4 pm to 6 pm. There's also a weekend version of the show called Weekends On All Things Considered.


The Morning Edition is another news show that airs every weekday morning and has a duration of two hours. In this case, this show is also repeated by other stations in the country.


Fresh Air is one of the most popular American talk shows since 1985. This show is broadcasted on NPR and produced by WHYY-FM in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The show goes live every weekday at noon, and some stations broadcast a Fresh Air Weekend with the highlights of the week.


Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me is a quiz game show produced by NPR and Chicago Public Radio. During 50 minutes, you can test your knowledge by figuring out what's real news and what's made up.


Did you know any of the shows above? What do you think?


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