Zorround System

Zorround System

The other side of Classic Soul R&B

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The Manhattans - Hurt


The Manhattans 1607098137
Irma Thomas - Time Is On My Side

Time Is On My Side

Irma Thomas 1607097960
Chambers Brothers - Time Has Come Today

Time Has Come Today

Chambers Brothers 1607097694
The Chiffons - He's So Fine

He's So Fine

The Chiffons 1607097550
Unique Blend - Yes I'm In Love

Yes I'm In Love

Unique Blend 1607097343
Aretha Franklin - Ain't No Way

Ain't No Way

Aretha Franklin 1607097092
Aaron Neville - The Christmas Song

The Christmas Song

Aaron Neville 1607096826
Merry Christmas Baby - Merry Christmas Baby

Merry Christmas Baby

Merry Christmas Baby 1607096751
Blues Busters - Soon You'll Be Gone

Soon You'll Be Gone

Blues Busters 1607096581
Mel & Tim - Backfield in Motion

Backfield in Motion

Mel & Tim 1607096436

О Zorround System

Our warm welcome to be part of this ride through the deepest legacy of Classic Soul Rhythm and Blues. Our intention goes further than enjoy the everyday black music you find everywhere, but to enjoy many expressions that unfortunately has remain unknown for a vast majoriy, regardless of nationalities the world over. That's the repertoire you'll find only in this one-of-a-kind webcaster. Thank you for sharing and listening ZORROUNDSYSTEM.COM

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