Kairos Broadcasting Services (KBS)

Kairos Broadcasting Services (KBS)

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Lyse Kyambadde - Meeme Yange

Meeme Yange

Lyse Kyambadde 1607092828
Judith Babirye - Wanjagala


Judith Babirye 1607092508
Gloria Muliro - Follow You

Follow You

Gloria Muliro 1607092327
Judith Babirye - Tobaganya Kunsekerera

Tobaganya Kunsekerera

Judith Babirye 1607092043
Hillsong UNITED - As You Find Me

As You Find Me

Hillsong UNITED 1607091542
We Will Worship - Beautiful Name (Spontaneous)

Beautiful Name (Spontaneous)

We Will Worship 1607086058
The Family - Abadde Katonda

Abadde Katonda

The Family 1607085539
Robin Son - Newunya


Robin Son 1607085333
Pastor Wilson Bugembe - Camera


Pastor Wilson Bugembe 1607084994
Judith Babirye - Favour


Judith Babirye 1607084739

О Kairos Broadcasting Services (KBS)

Kairos Broadcasting Services (KBS) is a spiritual & christian radio programming service in Uganda, East Africa operated by the Robert Kaahwa Ministries. The radio exists to provide inspirational preaching and teaching saturated with gospel music in all genres with the passion to reach the lostat all cost, and with the intention of raising disciples who disciple others.

Рейтинг пользователей:


Веб-сайт: https://robertkaahwa.org

Адрес: P.O. Box 463 Masindi, Uganda

Телефон: +256778608642

Эл. адрес: radio@robertkaahwa.org

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