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Kirari Tsukishima - Papan Cake

Papan Cake

Kirari Tsukishima 1670000026
岡村靖幸 - ステップ UP↑

ステップ UP↑

岡村靖幸 1669999745
SWEETPIANO MELODYS - Kimini Muchu (Music Box)

Kimini Muchu (Music Box)

Rihwa - Last Love

Last Love

Rihwa 1669999240
大森靖子 - 裏

大森靖子 1669998948
2o Love to Sweet Bullet - Véga


2o Love to Sweet Bullet 1669998809
SCANDAL (JP) - Your song

Your song

SCANDAL (JP) 1669998270
Amiya Aranha - Koi Wa Magnet

Koi Wa Magnet

Amiya Aranha 1669998006
E-girls - Y.M.C.A. (E-girls Version)

Y.M.C.A. (E-girls Version)

E-girls 1669997699
GANG PARADE - Brand New Parade

Brand New Parade

GANG PARADE 1669997176

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Playing the female J-pop the West likes the best, music that makes you smile - this is the happiest J-pop music around. Featuring idols and other female artists and vocalists who have a following in Europe and North America, along with newer artists of a similar style. Listen to the likes of Morning Musume, Perfume, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Ayumi Hamasaki, Momoiro Clover Z, and so much more.




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