1 Million Podcasts in one place, myTuner Radio

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1 Million Podcasts in one place, myTuner Radio

Podcasts are a form of digital media, which feature episodic series that can be streamed online to a computer or mobile device. The word podcasts is the result of blending the word “(i)Pod” and “broadcast”. When they first appeared they were considered a trend, but time has proved us that they’re much more than a trend, they’re trendsetters bringing us new ideas every day. But with so many offers out there how do we know which one to choose?

Let us help you on that just by giving you one name, myTuner Radio. myTuner allows you to enjoy more than 1 million podcasts from 120 different countries. But this is not all. The app not only brings you podcasts from all around the world, it also features 30.000 radio stations again from all over the globe and the tops, with the most popular songs from each of these countries.

This means you can jump from country to country to discover new insights and perspectives about different subjects presented on podcasts, or just stick with the long list of podcasts from your country that has so much to offer already! Podcasts are available on our website and on all of our mobile apps (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), desktop apps (Mac and Windows) and also on the Apple TV with two apps, one has podcasts integrated in it, myTuner Radio and the other is dedicated exclusively to podcasts, Podcasts by myTuner.

When your working on projects that require your full attention you can turn to the radio stations featured on the app or on our website. You can choose stations by the most popular ones, by city, genre, country and proximity. All this to bring you closer to your favorite genre of radio station.

Podcasts can promote self-development, they can be educational, convenient and free and above all they put you in control of your influences. Podcasts can help you learn a new language, make you laugh or just relax while listening to it. We feature Podcasts about almost everything: Arts, Business, Comedy, Education, Health, Sports, Technology, just take a look at our app or check it here. We’ve got from Stuff You Should Know to Homecoming, TED Radio Hour, Up and Vanished and Tell me Something I Don’t Know to many, many others that you’ve probably never heard of and that will be a pleasant surprise to discover.

It can also be interesting to compare podcast preferences among countries that share the same language, for example compare podcasts from the UK, America, Australia and South Africa. myTuner Radio allows you to browse podcasts preferences from all around the world, have fun and learn new things.

myTuner Radio brings awesome podcasts and radio stations to its listeners and there’s no question about that! Just browse our website and app check its podcats and radio stations and see for yourself what we mean. Don’t believe us just press play and listen to our endless list of podcasts.

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