myTuner Radio Brings you the Future - Radio Online

laatst geupdate op 21 september 2016.

myTuner Radio Brings you the Future - Radio Online

Radio online has been gaining ground in the latest years with an unavoidable switch from traditional media experience to digital. The future is listening to radio online on desktops, laptops, smartphones, TVs and in fact numbers show this. Sources predict that online radio listening will account for nearly 59 percent of the U.S. population by 2018. When it comes to the content that radio online offers, it shows that local AM/FM stations were chosen by 54 percent of respondents and is thought to offer fewer commercials.

myTuner is abreast this shift and that is why myTuner is available for all OS - iOS, Android, Mac, Apple TV, Windows and Windows Phone, for practically all the devices and wearables there are in the market. Plus, we have just updated myTuner Radio for iOS and Android to Version 5. It features a smarter search engine that allows you to search not only radio stations, but also podcasts and has a brand new redesigned User Interface with a player page for each station, suggestions of similar stations, podcasts and other minor tweaks.

With myTuner, radio online can be filtered by country, city, genre and you have access to a list of stations located near you. You can also look for your favorite stations, podcasts, music genres or cities on the general search tab, check the music on the tops by country and listen to a 30 second sample of each song. Plus, it also redirects you to the store to buy the songs you enjoy the most.

On iOS and Android you can also use radio online as an alarm and sleep timer and wake up or fall asleep to your favorite stations. Plus, you can listen to your favorite shows, music or podcasts on background mode while doing other tasks. You can listen to myTuner Radio with your Google Wearables and also use your Apple Watch as a remote and change from one station to another according to your preferences.

myTuner’s website is also a great way to listen to radio online. The website features the apps for you to download and listen to radio online on your device, plus you can also listen to you favorite podcasts, check the charts and the news on this platform.

Radio online enables you to listen to a radio from another country miles away from you. It’s perfect for expats, students, military, in general anyone who is abroad can benefit from online radio. If you’re studying a foreign language, radio online is a perfect way for you to listen and to gain new vocabulary. Just pick a country and start exploring music genres, different cities and the most popular stations that radio online brings to you from all over the world.

25 millions users are using myTuner’s apps, so why shouldn’t you? Give it a try and see for your self the benefits that radio online has to offer you!

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