A Free Radio App by myTuner is a Refreshing Experience

laatst geupdate op 25 juli 2016.

A Free Radio App by myTuner is a Refreshing Experience

With myTuner Radio’s Free Radio App you can listen to 30,000 stations of 180 countries, 1 million podcasts and check the myTuner Tops on each country. This free radio app and platform allows you to filter your favorite radio stations by genre city and country. You can share what you’re listening to with your friends through social media (Facebook and Twitter) and by SMS and email.

Moreover, you can also use this free radio app to wake up or fall asleep to your favorite stations by using the app’s alarm or sleep timer. Appgeneration’s team has worked hard in order to make myTuner’s Free Radio app available for all OS (iOS, Apple TV inclusive, Android and Windows), so that you can enjoy it on any device.

Apart from this free radio app, the myTuner brand features many others such as Music by myTuner, myTuner Relax, myTuner Classical and myTuner Jazz. Music by myTuner allows you to listen to curated radio streaming and you can build and manage playlists and discover new songs.

There’s also myTuner Relax which is a free radio app that focuses on relaxing and ambient music radio stations, to help you stay focused while you work, meditate or relax after a busy day. This free radio app also gives you more than 5 hours of music, encoded at a very high quality and more than 85 different radio stations dedicated to relaxing music, searchable by country, for you to enjoy whenever you want.

myTuner Classical is another refreshing free radio app especially for those who truly enjoy classical music. It brings you 200 classical radio stations, 60 famous classical songs from great composers such as, Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Schubert and many others. Plus, the app also provides information about composers. It is designed in a way to make sure you not only listen to a great amount of classical music, but that you also learn more about each composer.

myTuner Jazz free radio app brings a similar approach to the table, but this time with a new music genre, jazz. With 250 jazz radio stations searchable by country and more than 50 elegant jazz songs that come with this free radio app. In addition, if myTuner Relax, myTuner Classical and myTuner Jazz free radio app users wish to have more songs on their apps, they can upgrade to the Pro version.

myTuner offers you a free radio app of each of kind for you to experience and since this is a freebie why not enjoy it, after all the best things in life are free…

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