Listening to Radio Online is the New Trend!

laatst geupdate op 23 juni 2016.

Listening to Radio Online is the New Trend!

Listening to your favorite stations from all over the world is an amazing thing. This is made possible thanks to myTuner Radio, which brings you, radio online. Suddenly you have access to 30,000 online radio stations of 120 countries and 1 million podcasts all in one platform.

With radio online you can do many things you couldn’t do before with traditional radio. Radio online can be filtered by country, city, genre and you have access to a list of stations located near you.

You can also look for your favorite stations on the general search tab, check the music on the tops by country and listen to a 30 second sample of each song. Plus, it also redirects you to the store to buy the songs you enjoy the most. Moreover, myTuner Radio makes radio online possible on iOS, Android, Mac, Apple Tv, Windows and Windows Phone.

On iOS and Android you can also use radio online as an alarm and sleep timer and wake up to or fall asleep to your favorite stations. In addition, you can use the app on background mode, so you can do other things while listening to radio online or use your Apple Watch to control the app, or use your Google Wearables with it.

You can also listen to the radio online through myTuner’s website. It features responsive design which means that it automatically readjusts to the screen when opened on different devices and you can download the myTuner apps through there, listen to radio online, hear you favorite podcasts, check the charts and the news.

Radio online allows you to listen to stations from different countries and hear music, talk shows and podcasts from other cultures. This is great for expats, students or people who are currently abroad due to work, family, or military duty.

Traditional radios also have limited music choices, most stations only play country, rap, rock, pop, and oldies and their AM/FM wave signals have a limited reach, contrarily to what happens with radio online that uses Internet waves and therefore has a longer reach.

With myTuner’s radio online app you can find a vast variety of music genres and sports broadcasted from around the world. There are many advantages of listening to radio online such as cost, accessibility, and variety. With myTuner Radio online app and online radio platform finding you favorite station, sports game, music or podcast is only a click away…


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