A Cornucopia of Online Radio Stations

Last update on Feb. 3, 2016.

A Cornucopia of Online Radio Stations

myTuner Radio, what else?

Online Radio is here to stay. The world has turned into a global village and this means people no longer just want to listen to their local stations, they also want to listen to stations from different corners of the world. This is where myTuner Radio comes in bringing you 30,000 online radio stations of 120 countries and 1 million podcasts all in one online platform. myTuner Radio allows you to filter by country, city and genre and gives you a list of stations located near you. Besides this, you can also use the general search on the website to look for your favorite stations. This platform features all the myTuner family online radio apps, which are available for iOS, Android, Mac, Apple Tv, Windows and Windows Phone.

Not only can you be all ears to online radio with these apps, but you can also check the tops of the most popular songs per country and listen to a 30 second sample of each. Like any of these songs? The app redirects you to the store to buy it! On iOS and Android the app can also work as an alarm clock, which means you can wake up to your favorite online radio stations or fall asleep to them with the app’s sleep timer. Surprised? Wait! There’s more to it! You can add your favorite stations or podcasts to favorites so you can listen to them later or use the app in the background while working. Moreover, you can also use your Apple Watch to control the app, or use your Google Wearables with it.

The best thing about this online radio platform is that it has been improved in order to give you access to many things that were already available on the app. The website features a responsive design which means that it automatically readjusts to the screen when opened on different devices. With myTuner Radio website you can listen to your favorite online radio stations, podcasts, read some news and check the charts of the best-selling artists per country. Online Radios are just around the corner. Ready, set, click and your ready to go! ;)

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