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Ted Nugent - Stranglehold


Ted Nugent 1653457310
The Pretty Reckless - Going to Hell

Going to Hell

The Pretty Reckless 1653457020
John Mellencamp - Rain On the Scarecrow

Rain On the Scarecrow

John Mellencamp 1653456841
Led Zeppelin - Nobody's Fault But Mine

Nobody's Fault But Mine

Led Zeppelin 1653456448
Solar Fields - Zero Rotation (2021 Remaster)

Zero Rotation (2021 Remaster)

Solar Fields 1653456412
Nickelback - Rockstar (Live From Red Rocks)

Rockstar (Live From Red Rocks)

Nickelback 1653456159
The Byrds - Mr. Tambourine Man (Live)

Mr. Tambourine Man (Live)

The Byrds 1653456009
Kyng - Trampled Sun

Trampled Sun

Kyng 1653455745
Ivan Graziani - Monna Lisa

Monna Lisa

Ivan Graziani 1653455264
NIC.E - Rnr Rnr

Rnr Rnr

NIC.E 1653454867

A proposito di LaRockaforte

This radiophonic project has got aged roots. In fact , it was born in the end of the 70es, thanks to an intuition of Bruno Ployer, artistic director of the Italian “Radio Luna Network” at that time. It was the age of the “free radios” and of the endless Hit- parades. Radio marketing phenomenon was the ideal goal for the most, while it was particularly essential the new idea of “coming out of the scrum” and a basical need to underline and stress differences with “others”. Something must be done by starting from that classic- rock in which each great artist and each great band had their roots and founded their fortune. It was necessary to circumscribe that “wave” and avoid collision to the ”others”. It took “coming out of the scrum “ ; being in highlight. In other words, it was necessary being a musical “fortress” (ROCKAFORTE) and constantly staying one step ahead of other competitors. Thanks to Radio Luna who gave birth to that particular way to intend making radio. Middle of the 80es the baton passed on Alberto Naviglio , with his “Fortezza della musica”, broadcasted by Punto Radio Roma/Bologna, at first and by Radio StandBy, later on. Both of them central Italy FM radio stations. Only that container was too small; just a little program to be enough. It success, nevertheless, it couldn’t pick- up and realize all the expectations from the original project. Even because, in the meanwhile, all other radios lived on advertisement, and rock was not so popular in that sense. In the third millennium it’s just time to find more sectorial solutions for radios which are increasingly present on different platforms. In 2009 Giorgio Di Marco , TLC engineer and passionate about Radio, gives another try with the original project through a dedicate web-channel on a multi- radio portal : . This fact gives birth to La Rockaforte. Since 2012 January 1. this radio establishes its headquarter in London, UK. All is ready for new challenges, only with the motto of ever: “ Save music, Save The Rock!”

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