Radio Metal On - The Thrasher

Radio Metal On - The Thrasher

Where Metal Lives!

Genres: Métal

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Booby Trap - O Bom O Mau E O Filho da Puta

O Bom O Mau E O Filho da Puta

Booby Trap 1603357100
Extrema - Again and Again

Again and Again

Extrema 1603356885
Acid Drinkers - Me


Acid Drinkers 1603356611
Generation Kill - Slow Burn

Slow Burn

Generation Kill 1603356190
Aftermath - Can You Feel It ?

Can You Feel It ?

Aftermath 1603356127
Vulcano - Struggling Besides Satan

Struggling Besides Satan

Vulcano 1603355948
Exarsis - Human Project

Human Project

Exarsis 1603355261
Fatal Embrace - Metal Thrashing Mad

Metal Thrashing Mad

Fatal Embrace 1603355105
Protector - Summon the Hordes

Summon the Hordes

Protector 1603354927
skyjack radio - Station ID 1

Station ID 1

skyjack radio 1603354541

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