J-Idols Project Radio

J-Idols Project Radio

Happiness Never Sounded so Cute

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アンドクレイジー - Kiokuno Hate

Kiokuno Hate

アンドクレイジー 1606335040
GEM - Star Shine Story

Star Shine Story

GEM 1606334790
Shihori - Hatsukoi Cider

Hatsukoi Cider

Shihori 1606334603
Rev.from DVL - 宝物


Rev.from DVL 1606333814
morning musume - Happy Night

Happy Night

morning musume 1606333586
LinQ - SUPREME (Instrumental)

SUPREME (Instrumental)

LinQ 1606333350
Dempagumi.inc - W.W.D II


Dempagumi.inc 1606332961
N.A Stephenson - Boogie Woogie Country Girls

Boogie Woogie Country Girls

N.A Stephenson 1606332750
J. Loree - Idols


J. Loree 1606332706
HKT48 - Melon Juice

Melon Juice

HKT48 1606332283

À propos de J-Idols Project Radio

The happiest music from Japanese female pop idols. Playing music from Hello!Project, Idol Street, 48/46 groups and many other idol groups and soloists, big and small. Part of the J-Pop Project Radio Network.

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