Poetry with Simon Armitage by Oxford University

Poetry with Simon Armitage

Poet, playwright and novelist, Simon Armitage was elected Professor of Poetry at Oxford University in 2015. This series features his public engagements. Series image credit Paul Wolfgang Webster.

Catégorie: Arts
  • 12 
    - When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer
    Fri, 17 May 2019
  • 11 
    - 'Undisfigured by False or Vicious Ornaments' - Clarity and Obscurity in the Age of Formlessness
    Mon, 28 Jan 2019
  • 10 
    - Damned if he Does and Damned if he Doesn't? Dilemmas and Decisions in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
    Fri, 23 Nov 2018
  • - Unseasonal Produce: Winter Words in Various Moods and Metres
    Thu, 17 May 2018
  • - Like, Elizabeth Bishop
    Tue, 20 Mar 2018
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