Chill Out Now by Spurious

Chill Out Now

Spurious his 'Chill Out Now' podcast is full of tunes with enchanting melodies and can be described as Dreamy Deep House. Once every few months there’s a new episode available. Spurious started his journey with the release of a solo album in 2015 which reached the #1 position worldwide on Beatport. Multiple singles followed on Bacci Bros Records, known from artists such as: Hardage, Artful Dodger & Romina Johnson (Moving Too Fast) and Jocelyn Brown. One of the highlights in Spurious his musical career so far was the opportunity to remix ‘Don’t Let Me Down‘ from Hardage featuring Maxi Priest and there's no doubt that more highlights will follow. The actual start of making music was way before 2015... Watch to find out how and when.

Catégorie: Musique
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    - Spurious: Chill Out Now 041
    Thu, 11 Nov 2021
  • 48 
    - Spurious: Chill Out Now 040
    Sun, 28 Mar 2021
  • 47 
    - Spurious: Chill Out Now 039
    Thu, 09 Jan 2020
  • 46 
    - Spurious: Chill Out Now 038
    Sat, 19 Oct 2019
  • 45 
    - Spurious: Chill Out Now 037
    Wed, 04 Sep 2019
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