Animal Tales: The Kids' Story Podcast by Josephine Chadwick

Animal Tales: The Kids' Story Podcast

Animal Tales is the perfect place to find short stories for kids all themed around animals. All our short stories are written especially for the Animal Tales podcast. From jungle critters to farm animals, from dinosaurs to dodos, and from unicorns to extraordinary mythical beasts, you can find them all at Animal Tales. With three new stories a week, they're perfect for car journeys or bedtime – you can even suggest an animal you'd like to hear a story about!

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So sit back, relax, and we'll begin...
Catégorie: Enfants et Famille
  • 171 
    - The World's Fastest
    Fri, 29 Sep 2023
  • 170 
    - The Pangolin, The Armadillo And The Egg
    Wed, 27 Sep 2023
  • 169 
    - The Ferocious Panda
    Mon, 25 Sep 2023
  • 168 
    - Tyrannosaurus Wrecks
    Fri, 22 Sep 2023
  • 167 
    - Squid Squad!
    Wed, 20 Sep 2023
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