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Each week, an ICRT anchor chats with a newsmaker, discussing topics related to life in Taiwan - including culture, lifestyle, arts, business, and politics. With longer, in-depth interviews, Taiwan Talk brings you info and conversations that are thought-provoking, informative, and entertaining. Taiwan Talk airs on ICRT every Monday during the 8AM and 7PM news hours, but if you miss an episode, all our full-length interviews are uploaded here! -- Hosting provided by SoundOn

Radio: iCRT
Kategoria: Koulutus
  • 1154 
    - Is Taipei Zoo a Good Zoo?
    Mon, 12 Apr 2021
  • 1153 
    - Exploring Taiwan with Xiao Fei
    Sun, 28 Mar 2021
  • 1152 
    - Wisdom from The Black Expat
    Mon, 22 Mar 2021
  • 1151 
    - COVID-19: The New Normal
    Sun, 14 Mar 2021
  • 1150 
    - COVID-19: How has the Travel Industry Adapted?
    Mon, 08 Mar 2021
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