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Over a quarter of people who call New Zealand home were born overseas. So how do culture, identity and equity shape the New Zealand experience beyond confines of the 'diversity' checkbox? Produced and host by Kadambari Raghukumar.

Radio: Radio New Zealand National
Kategoria: Yhteiskunta ja Kulttuuri
  • 315 
    - Decolonising design as a practice of care
    Mon, 19 Dec 2022
  • 314 
    - 'Design is political' - looking beyond Frida Kahlo's pop icon status
    Mon, 12 Dec 2022
  • 313 
    - 'No estamos solas' - Latin feminists in Auckland
    Mon, 05 Dec 2022
  • 312 
    - It's not something we think of - 'where do you fit in?'
    Mon, 28 Nov 2022
  • 311 
    - 'Rumba is the soul of Cuban music' - Vivio Ramos
    Mon, 21 Nov 2022
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