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Crime Beat

People know their hometowns by streets, a favorite restaurant or the local mall. Crime Reporter Nancy Hixt knows hers by the crime scenes she's been to over the past 20 years. Journey deep inside some of Canada’s most high-profile criminal cases. Each episode will take you inside the story to give you details you didn't hear on the news.  New episodes every other week.

Winner of the 2020 Edward R. Murrow Award (RTDNA).

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  • 42 
    - The evil and senseless plot against Ray Johnson |3
    Tue, 17 Nov 2020
  • 41 
    - Introducing... 13 Hours: Inside the Nova Scotia Massacre
    Mon, 09 Nov 2020
  • 40 
    - Stolen second chances, the Jessica Newman story
    Tue, 03 Nov 2020
  • 39 
    - Two doors down: the tragic case of Mr. Kelloway
    Tue, 20 Oct 2020
  • 38 
    - Season 3 trailer
    Tue, 06 Oct 2020
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