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BBC Inside Science

Dr Adam Rutherford and guests illuminate the mysteries and challenge the controversies behind the science that's changing our world.

Radio: BBC Radio Cymru 2
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  • 380 
    - COVID reinfections, Susannah Cahalan questions psychiatry and sense of smell and COVID
    Thu, 22 Oct 2020
  • 379 
    - Test and trace - how the UK compares to the rest of the world; Linda Scott's book The Double X Economy
    Thu, 15 Oct 2020
  • 378 
    - 08/10/2020
    Thu, 08 Oct 2020
  • 377 
    - Brian May's Cosmic Clouds 3-D; How fish move between waterbodies and Jim Al-Khalili's take on physics
    Thu, 01 Oct 2020
  • 376 
    - Royal Society Science Book Prize - Gaia Vince; Biodiversity loss and Science Museum mystery object
    Thu, 24 Sep 2020
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